HOW TO SAVE: Catalina Island

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Trip to Catalina Island

– Catalina Island, California 


The first and for most way to save BIG when visiting the island is to during summer… Prices are almost all doubled during summer months, May through September. Prices during summer are especially high for hotel rooms, vacation rentals, and some activities. By going early in April, or waiting till October you are definitely going to save, and not to mention the island is super crowded during summer. During the week the island is quiet, peaceful, and there’s tons of space on the beach!



Second tip for saving money is similar to #1, try to plan your trip during the week. Now I know for some that may be difficult if not impossible due to work and other commitments. But trust me, just like summer month prices increasing, holidays and weekends are next in line for doubling prices per night, just because they can (:


There are a couple ways to attempt to save on ferry transportation to the island. Unless you are rollin in the dough and want to take the helicopter there, which yes is only a 15min flight compared to the 45 min boat ride, however it is a whopping $250 per person roundtrip. No thanks, maybe one day when I hit the lotto! The ferry normally goes for about $75 per person roundtrip. However I have seen different promos and discounts on the internet over time for 20-25% off, I would recommend searching google for discounted tickets or promo codes. Another way to save is by using reward points/credit card points etc. The last time we went to Catalina we were able to get both tickets on our points alone. Mind you different reward companies and different credit cards offer various rewards and benefits. Another way to score ferry tickets is by booking a hotel package or activity package, almost all of the ones you’ll find online include ferry tickets.



If you are an adventure seeker or tourist attraction seeker like us, package deals are the way to go! All you need to do is search “Catalina island package” on google and BOOM they’re everywhere. Theres a variety of deals, you can get hotel packages, activity packages, or both! Our first trip to the island we went through Catalina Tours… Now I highly recommend NOT booking through them for many reasons however right now were sticking to savings only not gossip (; There are many companies that offer package deals, shop around and check out the reviews before booking. We booked an activity package that included jet skiing, parasailing, and a roundtrip ferry ticket for $200 per person. Thats an awesome deal considering the ferry is normally $75, jet skis $160, and parasailing $100.


We personally haven’t used groupon for Catalina yet, however I see more and more companies using it and offering great things, so it never hurts to check it out. Keep in mind groupon deals are constantly changing, being updated, and even removed. Download groupon from yourapp store on your smart phone.


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