HOW TO SAVE: Cabo San Lucas

5 Smart Ways to Save on your next trip to Cabo

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



1. What’s up Doc

Download the hopper app!!!! I mean it, download it right now! You’ll thank me later (; When you search your app store it will be the pinkish/salmon colored app box, with a bunny rabbit on it. This is the best piece of travel advice I could ever give. The Hopper app allows you to enter your destination and dates as desired and it watches flights for you. It will give you 1 of 2 notifications, book now prices are going to go up, or wait prices are going to drop. It send notifications a couple times a week, and it has saved us so much money on our flights. Now I don’t use this app to directly book the flights, just to scan them for pricing so we can get the best deal possible! When we first started looking for flights I was shocked at how expensive they were, but thanks to this app we kept watching flights and ended up booking at a 1/4 of the original price.


2. What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’

We love staying in, whether its having a couple drinks, cooking dinner, or just relaxing, its all saving money in the end. Making sure our hotel, rental, or resort we stay at has a kitchen is a must. It gets tiring eating out, and not to mention expensive! You will save so much money just getting groceries and eating in as much as possible. For our trip to Cabo we designated one fancy date night, and one dinner fiesta night that the resort offered, other than that we cooked and ate in. Also, the currency of US dollars to pesos is awesome! We got groceries for the whole week for about $75. If you plan to stay at a hotel or resort, they will most likely have a restaurant and/or bar on site, where they charge an arm and a leg for one beer. We found that as long as we put our drinks from our room in a plastic cup we were able to take it down to the pool or beach, and again save save and save some more.

3. Speaking of Currency…

When you first land in Cabo, after you go through customs, there will be tons of windows for you to exchange currency. DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR MONEY HERE! They offer you about 15 pesos to the dollar. Our resort also offered currency exchange, giving us 18 pesos to the dollar, but we like to get the best bang for our buck so when we went to Walmart to go grocery shopping we exchanged money there and got 20 pesos to the dollar. Also most credit cards have zero foreign transaction fees, and most tourist places in Cabo accept master card and visa

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4. Taxis, Buses, and shuttles OH MY!

There are many ways to save money when it comes to transportation. For starters the airport was about 45 min away from the resort we stayed at. We didn’t rent a car for our trip to Cabo, there are plenty of ways to get around and still save. Luckily for us, our resort Sirena Del Mar, offered us to and from airport transportation for $30, and it was veryyy snazzy. They picked us up right on time, and we had the SUV to ourselves, we weren’t jam packed in a shuttle bus with 50 other people. During our stay there we bounced back and forth between taking the bus and taxis. The bus is ridiculously cheap, just make sure the nearest bus stop is within safe walking distance. And when using the local taxis, using your best bartering skills, especially if you go into town.

5. Take Caution!

My one last piece of advice for saving money on your next Cabo trip, is also a safety matter. Be soooo super careful about anyone trying to sell you things, “taxis”, or booking anything outside of the resort. Your hotel or resort will tell you the same thing. Prior to your arrival you should have a shuttle, or a ride to your hotel already set up. Not only to save you time and money, but to prevent the harassment parade awaiting you outside the airport. Once you walk out of customs, you immediately start getting bombarded with hotel deals, taxis, activity bookings… so on and so forth… All I can say is be careful! Run passed the madness and ignore ignore ignore. Try to book things in advance or through your concierge, in order to save you money, avoid a scam, and stay safe!


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