TOP Things To Do: Cabo


TOP 5 Things to do on your next trip to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


1. Sail and Snorkel

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This was hands down the highlight of our trip! We booked a private sailing/snorkel tour with Cabo Sails. The tour was for Bala and I, plus my family. We had a private sail boat and tour guide, that took us out to see whales, sailing around the famous “El Arco”, jumping off Pelican Rock, and then took us snorkeling in an abundant sea of colorful fish. While on board we had yummy snacks like chips/salsa and guac of course! Quesadillas, little tacos, burritos, and the best part… OPEN BAR! I think we lost count of how many tequila shots we took, whoops! The tour lasted about 3 hours, the guides were so welcoming and friendly, and the boat had plenty of towels, snorkel gear, and bathrooms below deck. This is definitely something to add to your bucket list. The harbor you meet at is in the heart of Cabo, which makes it easy to explore downtown before or after, shop the local stores and souvenirs, take a picture at the infamous #CABO sign, and check out popular spots like Cabo Wabo or Senior Frog.

We will be featured on Cabo Sails Website, coming soon! Will be linked here once posted. We highly recommend this tour, check out their website for the best sailing experience! 

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2. Get WILD at Wild Canyon

Wild Canyon filled the adrenaline need for our trip to Cabo. Wild Canyon offers various activities such as zip-lining, ATVs, bungee jumping, giant swings, UTVs, Canyon Bridge, an animal sanctuary, and much more! We decided on the ATV tour and Bala required a little more adrenaline than me, so he also did the bungee jump (I didn’t feel like breaking my neck that day).

First we did the ATV Off Road Runner tour which was so much fun! Included in the tour was all the gear you’ll need, water bottles, and a quick course on ATVs in case you’re a first timer. The tour guide was so cool and laid back, he took us across long desert roads, fun tracks, jumps, and along the ocean side, which was beautiful! Keep in mind, if you do book this tour, you will be getting very, very dirty. We had a layer of dust and dirt covering us after our thrill ride. At the end of our tour we go to ride across one of the longest suspension bridges, which was super awesome! However we did have to go very slow… (darn) but we sure did enjoy the view of the canyons.There was also a photographer that joined us on our tour, and they of course offer a photo package afterwards. We just happened to book at a slower time of the day and there was only one other person with us besides me, Bala, and my brother. It was a lady, so sad I don;t remember her name but she was the sweetest lady. She showed us in her backpack she was carrying a picture frame of her daughter and her, and her daughters ashes. She told us she was going out and being adventurous for her daughter. It was so cool getting to meet her and learn her story.

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Next was the Bungee Bomber! Bala being the thrill seeker he is had always wanted to bungee jump, and he got his fix. Now if you’re wondering… noo he didn’t break his neck, but the Gopro stick did unfortunately snap break. Luckily it didn’t fall deep into the canyon, but our stick was done for! So if you plan on following in Bala’s foot steps make sure to get an even more durable gopro mount/stick than the Gopro 3-way, or wear a wrist strap. The tour starts off by you riding in a glass bottom gondola that is suspended 300 ft above the ground. Once you reach the middle of the canyon, its all free falling from there. Now I gladly sat this one out, but Bala said it was awesome! However his neck and back hurt after, because it sort of jerks you around like a rag doll… just a little heads up!

4. Date Night with a View


If you had to choose one place to eat in Cabo, it should be Sunset Monalisa. It is rated one of the top 5 restaurants in the world. It sits on a cliff of the Cabo San Lucas bay, and you can view the famous “El Arco” and to-die-for sunset from any table in the house. The service was nothing like we had ever experienced before. From the moment you check in, you are instantly wined, dined, and treated like royalty. Our waiter was fabulous, the menu had a wide variety of Italian and seafood, and throughout our dinner there was constantly wine bottles, photographers, and cigars being offered. And of course… the best part by far was the sunset. Hince the name “Sunset” Monalisa.

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5. Surfs UP!

There are plenty of surf spots near Cabo. Unfortunately, the beach at our resort was not for surfing but it did make a great spot to swim, sun bathe, and snorkel. We were told to go to Cabo Surf, which not only has great waves, but also a rental shop for boards and lessons if needed. Cabo Surf Hotel, was just a bus ride away from our resort, and the rental shop was right on the beach. It was a very nice spot, complimentary chairs and umbrellas, waiter service for food and drinks, and if renting a surf board, you are able to swap boards or sizes at any time. Just be careful paddling out, or surfing in shallow areas, there were many many rocks. If you don’t surf the beach is also beautiful to lay out, relax, and enjoy paradise.

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