HOW TO SAVE: Oahu, Hawaii

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Trip To Oahu, Hawaii



1. TIPS AND TRICKS for a Cheaper Flight 

Like with any travel including flying, my first piece of advice is to download The Hopper App. It is a life safer of an app! And we have used it for the last couple years, every time we’ve flown. All you need to do is download the app, enter in your travel destination, and desired dates, and the app will watch the trip for you. By watching the trip, it will send you weekly updates on prices guiding you to book now (best price), wait (better price in the future), or something similar.

My final piece of advice is a big one. For this trip to Oahu, I applied for a Hawaiian Airlines credit card. At the time they were having a promotion for 50,000 miles if you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days. I applied, got approved instantly, and received my card in the mail within a week. And for the next couple months we just paid our bills with that card to quickly achieve the thousand dollar limit. Now keep in mind to try and do this process a couple months before your planned trip. It does take time to not just spend the money within 90 days, but it takes one billing cycle for your miles to roll over (so about a month). Once your miles appear, you can book your flights! With our particular trip we were able to pay for one ticket in miles alone, and we only had to pay out of pocket for the other ticket. Also using the Hawaiian airlines credit card membership you are allowed two carry ons for free, and first checked bag free. And just a little extra info to entice you, Hawaiian Airlines is one of the few airlines still serving a free meal. On our flight there we got breakfast, snacks, and drinks for free. On our flight home, we received dinner (although there was NO vegetarian options) and we also got free snacks, drinks, and one alcoholic beverage free. This isn’t the easiest way to save, but I definitely recommend it. To check out how click here –> Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card


2. Avoid rental car company SCAMS

In past trips to Oahu and other destinations we have used rental car companies such as Enterprise and gotten a pretty decent deal. However with this trip to the island, prices were sky high for even the cheapest and smallest vehicle. And this is when we decided to try The TURO App. Turo is a newer company that is what I like to call the “airbnb of rental cars.” The prices are extremely cheap, you have such a wide range of vehicle options, no lines hassle or hidden fees like the other known rental car companies, stress free airport transfer (pickup/drop off), weekly rental or longer discounts, and did I mention WAY cheaper? You create an account on the app, upload your license, look up your destination, dates, and vehicle of choice (there are many options such as four wheel drive, convertible, car seats you name it), pay through the app ahead of time, arrange with your rental owner drop off/pickup via text, the app, or email, and enjoy your ride!  personally picked out this fine red jeep you see above, and the owner was awesome! We received a big discount for renting for 10 days, plus he picked us up at the airport with our rental, and dropped us off for free! The best part was not having to worry about prices changes, waiting in lines, or the stress of arriving and departing at the airport. We definitely recommend this to ALL looking for a rental car for travel, and we will NEVER go through the regular companies stationed at the airport again.


3. Airbnb / VRBO over hotels ANYDAY! 

Airbnb and as well as VRBO are well known apps to most travelers these days, and if this is new to you, welcome to the best piece of advice I can give on where to stay for any kind of travel. Yes resorts are nice… but expensive. Yes hotels are nice… but expensive and most are small with a bed, shower, and toilet. We like traveling and staying in a more “home” like setting for a cheaper price and a better view! We have used these vacation rental apps on various occasions, but this vacation rental is definitely our favorite! I will have a blog post up soon, to go more in detail about where we stayed and all the fun details (; but when talking about saving money having a home verses a hotel room is a great way to save! Most come with many amenities, entertainment, a kitchen, free parking, and cheaper prices.

4. What’s cookin’ good lookin’

We love staying in, whether its having a couple drinks, cooking dinner, or just relaxing, its all saving money in the end. Making sure our hotel, rental, or resort we stay at has a kitchen is a must. It gets tiring eating out, and not to mention expensive! You will save so much money just getting groceries and eating in as much as possible. For our trip to Oahu we designated a couple meal times to eat out and enjoy the local restaurants, but other than that we cooked and ate in. Some Oahu grocery stores tend to be a little more pricey than California, I recommend Costco or Walmart for your shopping needs. And although these prices are higher than what we were used to, it is still much cheaper than restaurants and bars.

5. FREE Actvities

Now let me just say I could go on and on about free things to do on Oahu so I will try my best to keep it short and sweet. The island has so much to offer and not to mention for free, I will be posting an entire blog post about activities we did and things to do on Oahu COMING SOON!

But for now here is a list of free things we did on Oahu:

  • Hikes: Deadman’s Catwalk, Crouching Lion Hike, Lanikai Pillbox Hike, Makapuu Lighthouse, Manoa Falls Trail
  • Beaches: Lanikai, Waimanalo, Sunset Beach, North Shore, Waikiki, Makua Beach
  • Snorkeling at Three Tables, spot a turtle or two!
  • Included in our Vacation rental was bikes, surfboards, and beach chairs for our use, free and came in handy!
  • Watch a sunset (every night if you can)

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