GETAWAY: San Diego

A quick lil getaway to Escondido, La Jolla, Temecula, & San Diego, CA


Where we stayed: Welk Resort

This last week we had the opportunity to a nice little getaway to Escondido California. We stayed at the beautiful Welk Resorts and had such a great time. Now, I have grown up going to Welk Resorts since I was a little girl, but I hadn’t been in years, and coming back and seeing all the new and improved changes was so cool!

Lucky us, we got to stay in the new mountain villas. The room was absolutely beautiful, so spacious… and the view from the balcony… Amazing!!! There’s endless mountains, greenery, views of the whole resort, and getting to watch the sunset over the mountains every night was the cherry on top! Our room was a two bedroom, that had two bathroom, a living room, dinning room, kitchen, laundry room, office area, fireplaces, and a large balcony with patio furniture. One thing I’ve always loved about Welks is the kitchen which comes equipped with everything you might need even a dishwasher! In this particular room my favorite thing was the bathroom! It was huuuuge… and anyone who knows me knows I’m OBSESSED with baths. This bathtub was my dream bathtub! So big, relaxing, and the perfect way to end the day.

By far the best part about staying Welk resort is the resort itself. They have anything and everything you might need right there on site! From restaurants, grocery store, bars, shops, multiple pools and spas, an adult only pool, gym, two golf courses, activities on site all day everyday for all ages; you name it they’ve got it! And if you plan to venture off the resort they have plenty of suggestions and a concierge to help make your plans run smoothly! The resort villas have three different types, there is Villas on the Green, Resort Villas, and the Mountain Villas. We have had the chance to stay in all 3, and all are exceptional vacation properties.

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1. Electric Bike tour

The INSPIRED By You team is a great resource Welks has at all of their resorts. This team hosts and carries out activities all day everyday. And there is something for everyone! Whether you want a couple activity, something calm, something adventurous, or activities for the kids, they can take care of you! There were so many activities to choose from, it was hard to pick just one! We first went on a sunset electric bike tour. The bikes were so cool! We had never rode on electric bike before and it was a blast, bot to mention very convenient to have that electric push on the uphill climb (; The trail was on the roads of the resort and the golf cart road on the golf course. It was a lot of fun, not too strenuous, exiting and hey you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery. Our tour guides name was Andy, he was apart of the INSPIRED by You Team and he was great! He took us on some really cool roads and accommodated the entire group really well.

Upon arrival and check in, guests will be given a calendar of all resort activities organized by day and time. To book, call the Rec. Centers.

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2. Melody Fitness Center

On the resort property there are multiple pools, fitness/rec centers, and classes you can take to maintain your physique while on staycation. The melody fitness center has been completely remodeled since the last time I visited, and it is state of the art! Everything brand new, top of the line equipment, a swimming pool, spa, and the newest addition… the rock wall! Now don’t let Bala’s smile fool you, this was so hard! (for me anyways) but it was a lot of fun! Kids and adults can climb the wall, and there are harnesses to keep you safe as well as staff to assist you. Ethan, who is also apart of the INSPIRED By You Team, helped us get ready for the rock wall and made sure we had a good time.

Upon arrival and check in, guests will be given a calendar of all resort activities organized by day and time. To book, call the Rec. Centers.

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3. Poolside

Of course one of the best parts about any resort is the pool! But Welks goes above and beyond with their pools and rec. centers to make sure there is something for everyone. Our two favorite pools was the Boulder Springs Pool and the Melody Hill Pool (Adult pool). All pool and rec. centers have towels and a jacuzzi. Some pools also have cabanas for rent, which is really nice on hot days, they come with TVs and cushioned chase lounges. We liked the Boulder Springs pool because it had a bar and restaurant that was very decently priced, plus they have pool side activities put on by INSPIRED By You, aaaaand a water slide! Bala and I might have been the only “adults” in line for the water fun but hey, let us live!

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4. Restaurants

On site there are a variety of restaurants. During our stay we tried 2 of them. On our first night there we enjoyed a very nice dinner at the Canyon Grill. It is located right behind the lobby, and is surrounded by a bunch of cute shops and the famous Lawrence Welk Theatre. We happened to have dinner on a Monday, and there was a farmers market going on. We didn’t have time to stop and shop around but it’s definitely on the list for next time. The other restaurant we ate at was nothing too special… just Pizza Hut. BUT it was very convenient being located on site and it was perfect to grab a pizza, a 6 pack of beer, and go chill by the pool for the evening. That’s our kind of night (:


1. Kayaking to the La Jolla coves/snorkeling:

One of the activities we did off site was the La Jolla kayaking tour. La Jolla was about a 45 min drive from the resort, but it was more than worth the drive. If you’ve never visited La Jolla, its is beautiful! The tour we went on was a kayak to the La Jolla caves and snorkel. Included in our tour was all the gear we would need (kayak, ores, snorkel sets) and they also have wetsuits for rent if needed. It can get cold! Once checked in, you gear up and head for the beach! The tour guides give you a brief breakdown of the tour and next thing ya know you’re out on the ocean. Our tour guides (Jason and Luke) were super chill and made the tour very fun! If the tide is low you get the chance to kayak inside the caves, unfortunately for us the tide was high and swells coming in, so we were able to go in. But we did get to swim, snorkel, and trust me when it’s 100 degrees that freezing cold water feels so good! The tour was about 90 minutes long, and thanks to Jason and Luke we had a great time! Theres also a really cool clothing store in the same building for the brand “Everyday California”, check it out! We had to buy a shirt… and some stickers for our snowboards (;

If interested this tour can be booked directly though the concierge in the lobby for Welk guests


2. Wine Tasting:

Our second off Site activity was a first for us! And I was so excited!!! We got to go wine tasting! We had the pleasure going to two wineries; Monte De Oro and Fazelli Cellars. Both of these locations are located in Temecula which was about 30 minutes from the resort, but the drive itself is so beautiful you forget how long it takes. Once off the highway you are in prime wine country, just vineyards and vineyards for days. Our favorite spot we stopped at was Monte De Oro Winery. From the second we walked through the door we were treated like royalty! Our servers name was Rebecca and she was amazing! She was so knowledgeable about the wines they offered, and she had spectacular customer service. The winery was beautiful to say the least. There’s an inside area, a shop, a bar, private rooms for parties, and an outside deck for soaking in the sun and the scenery all around. We personally loved walking around through the vineyards, taking pictures by the water fountain, of course sampling all the wine! I even got Bala to try some of the samples. It was his first time trying wine and it was quite hilarious! But hey E for effort. Our tour booked through Welk Resort gave us each 6 tastings, and our choice of either their partnered specially made Welk Wine or $10 credit. We ended up getting a 4 pack of Rosé for breast cancer awareness month. and We also had the pleasure of meeting the manager Matt, who was very accommodating, we highly recommend you check out this winery!

If interested this tour can be booked directly though the concierge in the lobby for Welk guests

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We’d like to thank Welk Resorts for having us come stay in Escondido, it was truly an amazing experience! Thank you especially to Nicole, John, and Patrick for partnering with us. Our trip will be featured on their website soon, will link here*